We were having fun on the Hell's
Gate Air Tram, air sickness aside.  
(Or would that be tram sickness?)
And then disaster struck...  
(Seriously.  I think the guy that took this
picture pulled a muscle laughing.)
Here's the real tram.  Those Philistines
wouldn't let us stage the "Falling Out
Of The Air Tram" picture on this one.  
The nerve of them, to quash our
creative freedoms.  
Well, that's Canada for you.
Historic Marker
The last spike of the
Trans-Canadian Railroad, off
Highway 97.
Attack of the Killer Helmet
Hair!  Watch out - It's on your
Gnomad vs. Glacier
Woo Hoo!  We have entered the
Great White North...  
Hope, British Columbia
Ooh!  A Tunnel!  
On British Columbia's
Gold Rush Trail
Bear Glacier
Highway 37A, British Columbia (Near Hyder, Alaska)