Mike shows off his slightly scuffed bike and
slightly scuffed elbow.  
We figured one of us would crash at some point,
but on the first day?  
Boy, what an overachiever!
Oh, well that's just great.  
Why didn't somebody tell us we could
get a groovin' animatronic Elvis Rock
Star fortune teller machine for our
wedding instead of a real Elvis?  
This evil repugnant goopy spawn of Satan
somehow managed to slurp it's disgusting way
into our zipped-shut tent while we slept, and I woke
up just as it was preparing to attack by oozing
onto my pillow and towards my face.  
For some reason, Mike didn't seem to think this
brush with death constituted a legitimate reason to
wake him up at 6am.  Sure, he says that now, but
he'd be singing a different tune if this
undulating glop ball had gotten to him...
Mount Shasta, California
Pike Street Public Market
Seattle, Washington
Our First Day!  
Adventure Awaits...

Madonna Inn  
San Luis Obispo,  California.