One of dozens of amazing waterfalls
along Highway 37A outside Hyder
The area around
Hyder is the
world's largest
temperate rain
forest.  Look at
these two
pictures - It
looks like
Hawaii with
snow!  It rained
the whole time,
but the lush
landscape made
it worth it.
Wha..?!?  Is that an
abandoned ice cream
truck?!?  In Hyder, Alaska?
 Why, they only get an
average of 48 feet of snow
each season (which lasts
from September to May).  
Boy, who ever could have
predicted that that little
venture would have failed?  
You just never can tell in
Yes, you're reading that right.  We
stayed at the Border Bandit
Discount Store / Bed & Breakfast.  
And by "discount store", they mean
"Purveyor of Cigarettes, Ammo, and
Radical Right-Wing Bumper
Stickers."  It was well worth it, just
to say we did.
Entering Alaska!  
That makes 49 states by motorcycle for Wendy,
and...   um...
Well, 5 states by motorcycle isn't a bad start for
Hyder, Alaska -
Year-round population: 65
(Give or take)
Sealaska Inn, aka, The Place To Wash Our Underthings