A beautiful mountain lake off
Highway 37 - immediately
before the road disintegrated
into a couple hundred miles of
poorly grated dirt "roads" and
long sections of decades-old
construction sites.  It is a ton of
fun, as long as you're prepared
for it.  And not riding an
overloaded sport-touring bike.
This picture, and all of the
following pictures, are of
Boya Lake, British
Columbia.  It is a glacial
lake, and was absolutely
stunningly beautiful.
We had never seen water so
clear.  You could see all the
way to the bottom of the
lake, and see fish swimming
50 feet from the shore.  
This mountain lake is
just breathtaking,
although the water had to
be just above freezing.  I
swear we saw ice cubes
bobbing in the distance.
I thought I was going to lose fingers
when I rinsed my hands off in the
lake, yet kids were swimming in it
well after midnight!  I guess if
you're from Canada, you take
summer where you can get it...
We asked if it was cold, but we
couldn't understand them over the
chattering of teeth.  I imagine it's
hard to convince your kids to call it
a day when it never gets dark.
The water was so perfectly
still, it was like looking at a
gradually changing
painting.  What an incredible
place to stop for the night!
Our campsite was right on the
water.  Imagine how hard it was
to focus on setting up camp!!
Even our much-savored
evening meal was punctuated
with frequent picture breaks.  
You can see why!
And with an incredibly fiery sunset (at about
midnight), we wrapped up our photo session
and hit the hay.  I don't think it ever got
dark; every time I woke up, it was still light
out.  (That light was comforting when the
bear went through our camp and brushed up
against the tent in the middle of the night.)
No, we weren't
lucky enough to
see the Northern
Lights.  We had
24 hours of
daylight, which
was helpful
because it allowed
us to see in much
greater detail the
massive swarms
of mosquitoes
when they tried to
attack us at 3am.
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