If we hurry, we can still make it to Laguna Seca...
Yipee! This is the last time I have to wear a dress, EVER!!
Just look at how Bird Poop Rock shimmers in the sunset...
It's about time! That ceremony must have lasted almost 10 minutes!
What the... Look!  Those darn seagulls pooped on my bike!
Did you just fart?
Our moms are just happy we couldn't afford the Elvis impersonator...
Our friends are a little disappointed that we couldn't afford the Elvis impersonator...
...And I guarantee your lawn will be mole-free,
or my name ain't Earl Noodlebacher.
Hey!  Look what I found!
Safety first
Betcha I can beat you to the corner
The Mad Hatter's got nothing on us!
Ahhh... It's moments with cake that make it all worth while.