Benelli Motorcycles
(Benelli Gun Sign in
Sporting Goods Shop Window)
Bimota Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
(Our bikes are reflected in the window)
BMW Motorcycles
(Auto Shop Sign)
Ducati Motorcycles
MV Agusta Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
Husqvarna Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
Kawasaki Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
Kymco Motorcycles
Hyosung Motorcycles
& Moto Guzzi Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop - The Mother Lode!)
This shop also has Royal Enfield and Gas Gas, don't count
because there are towns with those words in their names.
Xtreme Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
KTM Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
MZ Motorrad-und Zweiradwerk
(Auto Body Shop Sign)
Munch Motorcycles
(A Restaurant Called
"The Munch Company")
Suzuki Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
Were you paying close attention?  
Honda doesn't count!
Vespa Scooters
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
Yamaha Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)
Bonus:  This was supposed to be our pic
for Hyosung because this church was
listed in the phone book as such, but the
sign was only in Korean and we couldn't
find a reliable source on the translation to
back up our claim.  Oh, well!
In the end, we were two of only four people in the
whole country who completed this challenge!  
Our plaques are proudly stacked up collecting dust
with all the rest of our cherished possessions,
but when the house is remodeled to the point
where we can actually start hanging stuff on the walls,
they will be prominently displayed somewhere.  
(If you really want to see the one with my name
on it too, there is a thumbnail on the main
Made In The USA Page.)
ATK Motorcycles
(Motorcycle Shop Sign)