Crossing on the Yukon River Ferry.  Yes, that's us in a car.  A
rental car, to be precise.  Three of our four tires were destroyed,
beyond repair.  The closest tires we found were 8 hours away in
Fairbanks, Alaska - a far cry better than the 8 DAYS it would
take to have tires shipped to us in the Yukon.  The trade off for
time was price - this car only came with 100 free kilometers
(about 60 miles).  When our little trip was complete, 25 1/2 hours
and 1,407 kilometers later, they hit us for almost $600.  
Talk about painful...
Alaska was having a little
wildfire problem of their
own, although thankfully
farther from the road.  
You'd think that a place
that spent half the year
covered in snow and the
other half of the year
slogging around in melted
snow would be low on fire
danger, but that's clearly
not the case.
The view from the Top of the
World Highway was impressive,
but not quite as impressive as the
Dempster.  This road was also
dirt, and better maintained than
the Dempster, but we have to
admit that if we had to be on it, at
least it wasn't on the bikes.  We've
done enough dirt riding on street
bikes to last us a while.
Entering Alaska for the second
time.  We look happy because we
think our troubles are over.  
We're so gullible.  
OK, the sights WERE pretty,
and the faux sunset WAS
spectacular, but still...  It wasn't
$600 worth of spectacular.
WOW!  OK, this was also
pretty amazing.  We also
got a chance to actually
talk, which we can't do on
the bikes.  I guess it wasn't
so bad, but still...  $600?
We left Dawson City at 5pm and arrived
in Fairbanks at 3am.  We couldn't find
a campground or a reasonably priced
hotel with a vacancy, so we did what any
completely insane person would do - we
slept in the parking lot of the motorcycle
shop.  Mike slept in the driver's seat, and
I slept with the rear seat down, half in the
trunk and half on the seat.  Not a real
restful night sleep since it didn't get
dark, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
makes it all worth while!!
We finally got a picture of a
moosey moosey moose!