Bishop Castle
Behind the Stained Glass
Looking through the Glass and Decorative
Ironwork Ceiling to one of the Castle's Towers
Our Bikes, as seen from the top of a Tower
Precarious Journey between Towers
The Amazing Entrance to the
Castle - Light even comes from
the Dragon's Mouth at night!
Mike Descending the Spiral Staircase
After our harrowing camping adventure,
we were all too happy to hit the road.  
Our first stop that morning was a GPS point
in the mountains of Colorado,
and we certainly enjoyed the ride up there.  

But this time our destination was far more
than we anything had expected.  

We arrived at Bishop Castle (which neither of
us had ever heard of before pulling up in front
of it), and were immediately awestruck.  

This entire castle is the work of one man -
Jim Bishop - and has been a work in progress
since the 60's.  

The castle's website,,
seemed to be having difficulties last time I tried
to visit, but you can also check out
for some great castle history.  

What more can I say - just enjoy the pictures!