After a beautiful ride from
Canyonlands National Park,
despite a little rain and a lot of wind,
we arrived in Bryce Canyon just in time for sunset.  

Mike had seen pictures in the other
national parks we'd visited, but they do nothing to
prepare you for what it's really like here.  

Simply Amazing!
Between being covered in sap and Mike's sciatica
(or tennis elbow or pink eye or bug bite or
which ever ailment it was that manifested
whenever we had to choose between camping
or staying in a hotel), this was definitely
going to be another hotel night.  

As we were checking in, another biker
came in and asked about the weather.  

"Supposed to be a snow storm tonight."   

No.  Is that possible?  For Pete's Sake, it's June!  

Well, you better believe that was justification
enough for Mike for all the hotels we'd slept
in so far and all the hotels we certainly would be
staying in from here on out.  You just never know
when it could up and snow on you, right honey?
It's funny; I can pinpoint the exact moment that we
ceased to be a "camping" couple and officially
became a "pansy" "indoor" "hotel" couple.  

It was right about three hours after I took
the picture below, when Mike finally
woke up and looked outside.  
"Aw, we're snowed in.  Can't ride today."  

That was it.  
That was effectively the end of
Mike's camping career.  

But not mine, I tell you!  
You'd better believe that I'll be a
camping fool on solo trips!  
(Mike's pretty sure that "camping" and "fool" are
synonymous anyways, so I figured I'd just run with it.)
Our original plan had been to head north out of Zion National Park
and travel up into Idaho, then back down through Oregon, Nevada
and the Gold Rush Country of California.  

It turned out, though, that this storm was actually pretty serious and that
we were just picking up wisps of the very southern tip of the storm system.  

It's not that we don't like adventure, of course, but we were already a little
tight on time due to the weather we'd been skirting on the whole rest of the trip.  

Being rushed and riding in icy snowy conditions is not the best choice to make,
especially since we were on vacation and didn't have to stick to no stinkin' itinerary.  

So, plans changed.  
We took an extra day to explore around Bryce,
and after the snow melted a bit we made the leisurely trip over to Zion.