We spent several weeks this past summer watching with awe as Judy Deems
of the Kern River Valley Art Association, along with numerous dedicated
volunteers, created this amazing mural where a blank wall once stood.

Situated on the back wall of Pizza Barn and facing
The Cyclesmiths parking lot, we get to enjoy a view of
a wonderfully warm, sunny day on the Kern River all year round.

The mural was a joint venture with the Kern River Art Association,
The Cyclesmiths, Pizza Barn, and property owner Kirby Lombard
to bring large-scale outdoor art to our community.

This is by far the largest, but by no means the only, outdoor mural
in the valley.  The KRVAA has sponsored a number of beautiful
mural projects and is actively working to create a singularly notable
collection of outdoor art throughout our valley.

Please visit their
website for pictures and information on their work, then
plan a visit to The Cyclesmiths to see this incredible piece of art in person.