This was an evening
stop in Lake Saint
Catherine, Vermont.  

The riding was great,
the roads were well
maintained, and
the constant rain
kept everything
nice and green.  

(Well, you can't win 'em
all, so sometimes you
just have to look on the
bright side.)
Leaving Vermont, I headed back
south across Massachusetts and
through Connecticut.  I was
pleasantly surprised to find how
much I enjoyed riding through
Connecticut; the roads were
exceedingly well maintained, and
at every turn there was another
beautiful back road beckoning to
me.  And for the first time on my
trip, it seemed, there was no such
thing as getting lost - just a
consistently thrilling series of
random turns and towns until
eventually (sadly) I bumped into an
interstate and moved on into
Rhode Island, through Boston and
on to New Hampshire.
Shortly after my return, I
wrote a story about this
trip for a "Great Rides"
contest.  The picture to the
left is one of several that
accompanied the story
and assisted in netting me
a second-place win.  

(I was actually really happy
that I won second place;
first prize was a dual sport
adventure tour around
Arizona, but I won about
$1000 worth of riding
gear that I still use nearly
every day.  I think I got the
better end of that bargain!)
After turning back to the
north and riding through
the White Mountains of
New Hampshire,
I finished my Eastward
ride at the coast of
The first thing I did,
of course, was eat a
big ol' lobster.  

Then I camped at the
intersections of Highway
1 and 101 - the East
Coast equivalent to my
Pismo Beach home, also
at Highways 1 and 101.
From there I made a slow
coastal trek up to Bar Harbor,
where I inquired about taking a
ferry to Nova Scotia.  Even
though it was the off-season, the
trip would still set me back $100
each way - $45 for me, $55 for
my bike - and I would have to
wait until the following day to
catch the next boat.  After some
quick math, I calculated that they
were off their gourds and
decided to continue my trip sans
ocean-crossing.  Of course, the
same trip today would cost me
about $165 each way, so in
retrospect maybe I should have
seized the opportunity...  In any
event, that's a pretty hefty
investment for a boat ride when
I'm taking a trip for the joy of
motorcycle riding!
Anyhow, the riding along the
coast of Maine was so beautiful, I
didn't feel like I had made much of
a sacrifice.
Bar Harbor is a quaint little
fishing town and a must-see
stop if you find that your
wardrobe is lacking in items
that say "Maine" or display
picture lobsters or
Finding my supply of those
items to be more than
sufficient, I turned Northwest
and headed into Quebec.
OK, so far my post-Iron Butt trip has taken me all the way to Pennsylvania.  After
my PA loop, I meandered north through New Jersey and New York before I cut over
into Vermont.  And like most people, I found Vermont to be absolutely gorgeous!
Camp at Lake Saint Catherine, Vermont
Maine Coast
You know how
sometimes there are
things that seem like a
good idea when you first
wake up, and then turn
out to be completely
goofy and ridiculous later
after your brain kicks in?  

Well, I like to
commemorate those
moments and share them
with the world at the
expense of my dignity.  
(See, I don't just post
pictures that embarrass
my husband - I'm right
there with him!)
Good Morning Maine!
Camping on the Maine Coast