Glacier National Park is a hard place to leave, but eventually I did have to move
on.  I crossed a tiny bit of Idaho before picking up the rain again in Washington.  
At this point I'm soaked, my gear is soaked, my maps are soaked - I basically
have stopped deluding myself into believing that I will ever dry out.  

No trouble.  Pretty is pretty, even when it's wet,
and I continued to have a great time even as I was getting closer to home.
A long road across
Eastern Washington.  
(Another of the
accompanying my
Great Rides
Ooh!  Look at
the snow way
up there on
...And I'm sure
you've all
guessed by
now that it
wasn't long
before I was IN
that snow, way
off in the

Luckily in was
mid-week and
there was no
other traffic, so I
took my time
and traveled
over the icy
road as safely
as possible.
I suppose I should count
myself lucky;
it's probably about
120 degrees in Tucson
right about now.
As I descended the hill,
the iciness was rapidly
eliminated and I was
left with the quite,
solitary beauty that
even just a couple inches
of snow seems to bring.
Seeing Forever Across Washington