Here's the stuff that
makes it all worth while!  

Remember what I said about
needing rain in order to
see the truly beautiful

Mike and I returned to
Mount Rainier together
the following August,
and there wasn't a single
waterfall to be found.
In case you were

This sign actually
points out
Mt. Saint Helens
from a scenic overlook.
After three weeks,
I'm back on the
Pacific Coast.  

I followed the Pacific
Coast Highway from
Astoria, Oregon all
the way home to
Pismo Beach.
Nothing says
"Successful Road Trip"
like happening upon
something like this!  
I was riding through
Port Orford, Oregon
when I saw a tiny sign
that read "Antique
Motorcycle Museum".
I pulled into the parking
lot to find that the
museum was already
closed for the day.  
The proprietor was still
there, though, and he
invited me in to get
out of the rain and take
a private tour.  
Sometimes you just
get lucky!
And here we are,
on the last day
of my journey.  

Notice all that
What's it called?  
Oh, yeah -

Doesn't that
just figure.