We enjoyed strolling around The Alamo grounds
and downtown San Antonio, although it was
very busy due to the fact that it was Memorial
Day.  We still had a great time; my only regret
is that the Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlor was all
out of adult sized socks that said "Alamooo" on
them.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
We did get another shot at a
waterfall picture as we strolled
along the Riverwalk.  

I was also quite please with myself
that I managed walk for an extended
period of time along railingless
sections of the path without falling in
the river, which is no small feat when
you are as prone to humiliating public
displays of clumsiness as I am.
We took a riverboat cruise, which
wasn't quite as rich in historical
insight as we had hoped.  

In fact, it was a lot like the
riverboat ride at Disneyland
except with fewer hippos
(and if our guide had a gun I'm pretty
confident it wasn't a prop).
It was a beautiful ride,
regardless of the lackluster
commentary.  This bird
probably stood over three feet
tall, and here he is just
hanging out right in the center
of a major metropolitan area.
We made a little side trip down memory lane and
visited the elementary school that Mike attended
when he lived there.  The house they lived in was
right around the corner, so we stopped by there for
a couple minutes until leery neighbors gave us the
"Can I help you with something" (re: go away) line.  
After all, we ARE couple of shifty bikers on 2005
Yamahas touring motorcycles.  
You know how hinkey we Yamaha types are.
That night we made a very tasty stop
at Rudy's Country Store and BBQ.  

Those of you who watch as much Food
Network as we clearly do are probably
familiar with Rudy's, as they have
been on numerous "Best Of..." shows.  

And they weren't lying!  The locals
were awesome, and several people stopped
to give us tips on the way to order and
the best stuff to get -  Doc Holliday
himself was working the register!  
It really was as good as they say!
Those of you who watch as much Travel Channel as
we clearly do will be familiar with our next stop...

Number One waterpark like 9 years running!  
We had  SO MUCH FUN!!  
The lines were short, the weather was great -
all in all it was an
outstanding day!
Being a Crockett and an Honorary Crockett,
San Antonio is a fun place to visit.  

Even though Mike lived in San Antonio for
a year when he was in elementary school,
he seemed to enjoy seeing it again
through the Crockett filter.  

He really liked one quote in particular from
Davy Crockett that was prominently displayed
on magnets, T-shirts,coffee mugs, and the like:

"You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas."  

What can I say - we Crocketts are an
historically well-spoken bunch.
The Alamo
(In case you forgot)
I'm trying something new
with my hair in this picture;
I like to call it, "Humid".  
(But Attack of the Giant Fuzzy
Poof Ball works too, if you prefer.)