We were just going to
stretch our legs and pop in
for a quick look.  With
over 60,000 signs, I don't
think there's such a thing
as "a quick look."
These are all thumbnails.  
Click on a few, and I'm
sure you'll see what we saw
- There's a lot of really
funny stuff in here!
Rock On,
Been there,
done that,
got the
pictures to
prove it.
Glen Eden Nudist Club - Located
just north of Beavercreek.
Is that a hot water
bottle nailed to
that post?!?
Poway - Wow, that's close
to home!  (Well, close to my
parent's home, anyways.)
La Crescenta - Holy cow, it
really IS a small world!  
(That's the town I grew up in.)
Dolphin Haters
International.  Of course...  
This was going to
just be a short rest
stop in Watson
Lake, Yukon.  A
sign forest is a
good excuse to take
a break, but we
figured is would be
kind of geeky.  
Saying so might
confirm our
geekdome, but it
was actually a lot
of fun!