The Yukon Territory - Canada's True North
(Not like that other, fake north we hear so much about...)
Dawson City, Yukon.  
This town was a historic gold
rush town, and has been
maintained in that vein (Get it?  
Vein?  A little gold rush humor.)
A little sump'm for Ben.  We can find
BMX Plus at the northernmost paved
road in the Yukon, but not in half the
places I look in California.  
Something is wrong with this picture...
This couple not only rode a SCOOTER
two-up all the way from Vancouver, they
did it towing that massive homemade
trailer contraption the whole way.  And
they called
US crazy for riding the
Dempster!  Maybe that should have been
our first clue...
We had a lot of fun in Dawson City.  
We spent several enjoyable days here
(some not of our own free will, but more
on that later).  If you ever make it, have
the fish and chips at Sourdough Joes.  It
was some of the best eats on our whole
trip - the fried salmon was yummy, but
the fresh local cod was to die for!
Boy, that is one HOT bride!  If you
only enlarge one thumbnail on this
whole site, make it this one!  
This is Brother Newton E. Webster at
the Masonic Temple in Dawson City.  
Look at those epic trucker chops!  
Way to go Brother Webster!
Main Street, Dawson City, Almost midnight.  
We were just leaving Diamond Tooth Gertie's
Gambling Hall and Burlesque Show.  It would
have been a lot more entertaining if we were the
70-year-old men the shows were geared
towards, but it was fun none the less.  The hall
itself, as with a lot of the town, has been
preserved from the gold rush days.